ECN with anonymous and disclosed streaming of liquidity from thousands of market participants trading in spot FX and spot precious metals.

Key benefits include:

  • A real marketplace with thousands of market participants and diverse liquidity sources. A range of significant liquidity providers in the market are connected here.
  • Continuous high-speed trading and price discovery is facilitated with the ability for participants to be both passive and aggressive.
  • Precise and real-time market data includes full market depth of each available currency pair. Tick-by-tick updates are available to all participants simultaneously.
  • Precision pricing in each currency pair.
  • The ability to trade in any size over 40,000 of base currency.
  • The ability to aggregate and configure multiple liquidity streams based on preferences and relationships to create private liquidity pools that are unique to your trading needs and style.
  • The ability to easily use many order types in real time to suit your trading style.