For brokers looking to expand their global footprint in the $5.3 trillion-a-day FX market, LP Quotes Group award-winning White Label business leverages sophisticated technology to provide easy-to-implement solutions that can be quickly deployed.

Banks, brokers or other financial institutions can use LP Quotes Group’s white label technology, which includes the ability to customize front-end interfaces. Our solution provides sophisticated access to the FX and precious metals markets and the ability to operate a trading venue, without the need for hardware investment. The entire solution can be quickly deployed and comprises:


  • A comprehensive suite of trading functionalities. We also offer the option of API access for the connection of bespoke algos.
  • Low-latency connectivity to a range of FX and precious metals, providing alternative distribution channels for your pricing.
  • We offer various user interfaces (desktop and mobile), and APIs to increase distribution channels to clients.
  • LP Quotes Group Bridge, helping MT4 brokers by providing straight-through-processing from MT4 to LP Quotes Group liquidity pools, allowing brokers to access this liquidity and stream prices to their client base.


  • The ability to aggregate multiple liquidity streams and create private liquidity pools that are unique to your trading needs and style, based on preferences and relationships.
  • A liquidity management team whose focus is to seek to optimize your liquidity streams, which may help you to better monetize your flow.
  • The ability to access anonymous, single-ticket liquidity through LP Quotes Group Big. It delivers ladders of streams of liquidity in increments between 3 and 50 million notional amounts, across major currency pairs, which can be accessed with a single mouse-click in one user interface (GUI).

Risk Management

  • Our sophisticated technology enables synchronous (A-Book) and asynchronous (B-Book) hedging capability. It can be configured flexibly across individual pairs, facilitating our white label customer's ability to manage market risk.
  • Margin risk management solutions that automate client margin calls and provide a high degree of granularity for managing leverage and client risk.
  • Institutional credit risk management based on a variety of position limits (NOP, aggregated, netted).


  • LP Quotes Group trade history, audit trail, analysis of trading patterns and counterparty activity analysis is easily accessible.
  • Comprehensive books and records solution, including customer statements and a myriad of reports to facilitate internal and external reporting.
  • A suite of STP solutions that connect LP Quotes Group services with your back-office systems to facilitate seamless settlement, workflow, reporting and auditing processes. The connections can be via many of the major post-trade hubs.

Our Partners

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